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Sixth Generation
Grateful Dead Bears

The Sixth Generation of Grateful Dead Bean Bears and Friend are were released in September, 2000.

Beauty, Big Boss Man, California, Iris, King Bee, Love Light, Mexicali, Mr. Fantasy and Lazy Lightning.

December 8, 2000 Mr Fantasy was retired with a total production run of 37,440.

May 10, 2001 Mexicali was retired with a total production of 27,264. Iris was retired with a total production of 32,352.
Big Boss Man is retired (no production number was given)

Individual bears and turtle are available. The bears and turtle are $8.50 ea. plus shipping.

What's all the Buzz! A production mistake resulted in 5,040 King Bee's with black antennas instead of the yellow ones.

Mr. Fantasy and Lazy Lightning are Sold Out

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