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Reiki Clock
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As a Reiki practitioner I know there are few items that are available for the Reiki world.
One of our main business aspects is to find or create unusual items.
By creating this Reiki clock I hope you will find it to be of interest for your home, office, at your Reiki circle or as a gift.

An Exclusive from Touch of Grey, Inc.

Reiki Clock

This clock has a 9" black plastic frame with a 6 3/4" black and white clock face consisting of numbers 1 through 12 in Japanese Hiragana fonts. In the center are the Japanese Kanji for REI and KI (pronounced Ray-Key). The name literally means Universal Life Force Energy.

The quartz clock mechanism requires one AA battery (not included).

The Reiki Clock is $18.95
with Free priority mail shipping in the U.S.

International shipping is determined by location.

Please Email for stock availability.

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A White Clock is also available.

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