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Thank you for visiting our home here in cyberspace. Here you will find varied canes with Dragons, Snakes, Lions, Wharf Rats, Skulls and more.

Some of the canes you will find on these sites are designed and created by us. Other projects are always underway. You never know what we will come up with next. We also work with artists from the U.S. and around the world.

New cane styles will be added to this site or linked to other pages as they become available.
Please see the Take Me Further section.

Brass Head Canes

The wood cane shaft finish comes in gloss black.

The Brass Head Canes are $44.00 with FREE Priority Mail Shipping in the United States.

The Brass Head Sword Canes are $48.00 with FREE Priority Mail Shipping in the United States.

We accept Money Orders or Checks.
Credit Cards are accepted through PayPal only.

Please email us for items that are in stock.


(Canes are brass. Depending on your monitor they may look silver)

These canes come in varied lengths.
The overall lengths of the canes are usually:
Dragon Head with Tail - 36"
Dragon Head - 36"
Cobra Head - 37"
Island Lady - 36"
Gold Miner's Hammer - 38 1/2"
Eagle - 36"
Mermaid - 36".

(Canes are brass. Depending on your monitor they may look silver)

The Brass Head Canes are available with a sword if desired.
Add $4.00 for a sword. It will be installed in the cane.
Sword Canes are sold as collector items only.
There is no Federal Law regarding sword canes. However, each State has their own Laws about the use and possession of sword canes. It is you responsibility to know your State Law.

Sword or Cane Replacement Blades

Each sword is 18" long x 1/2" wide x 3/16" deep with a 5 1/2" blade section on the top and an 11" blade on the bottom. The swords are stainless steel and have a 3/16" (approx.) x 1/2" long threaded section.
One (1) sword is $4.00 Plus shipping.

We Will Not sell sword canes to Minors.

We Can Not ship sword canes to CA. and MA.

No international sales on sword canes.

When Requesting Availability
Please Specify By Style Number the Canes You are Interested In.

Canes are available with a Black Shaft Only.
Each canes has a rubber end piece.

DT for the Dragon with Tail
DT-S for the Dragon with Tail including a Sword

DH for the Dragon Head
DH-S for the Dragon Head including a Sword

CH for the Cobra Head
CH-S for the Cobra Head including Sword

IL for the Island Lady
IL-S for the Island Lady including Sword

MM for the Mermaid
MM-S for the Mermaid including Sword

HH-B for the Hammer Head
HH-S for the Hammer Head including Sword

EH for the Eagle Head
EH-S for the Eagle Head including Sword

Touch of Grey, Inc.
2601 South Twenty Sixth Street
Fort Pierce, Florida 34981
(772) 466-5713

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Privacy Policy
We will never share your personal information with anyone else. Our sole purpose is to deal with you one on one and we will only use your email address, phone number, etc. for that means. We will not sell or share your private information with others for any purpose.

Return Policy
We understand that internet shopping restricts the ability to examine your purchase before commitment. We allow 30 days to return any product that you are not pleased with for a full refund, as long as it is returned in resalable condition. Shipping charges cannot be reimbursed. Shipping charges range rom $6.00 to $11.00 depending on the distance from our location.

Note: Assisted Walking
We sell our canes as collector items.
Many of our customers use these canes everyday for assisted walking.
However, these canes do not have an ADA approval for use as an assisted
weight bearing walking device.
This note is supplied for your information.

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